Embedded Internet of Things IOT Projects for Engineering Students

Android compatible Smart equipments using Internet Of Things

Project Title – Android compatible Smart equipments using Internet Of Things

IEEE Paper – Monitoring and controlling of smart equipment using Android compatible devices
towards IoT applications and services in the manufacturing industry

Abstract – The ever increasing requirements for information being accessible at any time, from any place, regardless the type of remote device or planned operation, together with the need of complete control of a specific scenario or device has paved the way towards the next technological revolution: Internet of Things (IoT) and led to several major research projects. Within this paperwork, the authors’ vision regarding the architecture of an IoT network and an experimental testing bench for one of the first steps leading towards implementing the IoT vision is briefly introduced. The first part presents an overview of the Internet of Things. In the second part, authors’ concept regarding an architecture for IoT and the vision towards implementation it into manufacturing environments are presented. The third part illustrates the implementation and testing of the chosen solution for connectivity between a smart equipment and Android compatible devices. In the last part, conclusions are highlighted and the roadmap regarding to concept implementation is defined. know more

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