Final Year Electronics Telecommunication ENTC Projects for 2019-2020

Find out all the new updated project Ideas for Final Year Electronics Telecommunication ENTC Projects for Diploma, BE, M.E & M Tech students for the year 2019-2020.

1  IoT based Smart HealthCare Kit
2  IoT based Smart HealthCare Kit
3  “Teach Me–Show Me”—End-User Personalization of a Smart Home and Companion Robot
4  Datacenter at the Airport: Reasoning about Time-Dependent Parking Lot Occupancy
5  An Integrated Cloud-Based Smart Home Management System with Community Hierarchy
6  A Framework for Environmental Monitoring with Arduino-based Sensors using Restful Web Service
7  Web based Automatic Irrigation System using wireless sensor network and Embedded Linux board
8  Development of Android based on-line monitoring and control system for Renewable Energy Sources
9  Multi-hop WBAN Construction for Healthcare IoT Systems
10  Application of gprs technology in water quality monitoring system
11  Enabling Reliable and Secure IoT-based Smart City Applications
12  A Smart System Connecting e-Health Sensors and the Cloud
13  Water management system using dynamic IP based Embedded Webserver in real time
14  Water Level Meter for Alerting Population about Floods
15  Intuitive IoT-based H2U Healthcare System for Elderly People
16  Effective Ways to Use Internet of Things in the Field of Medical and Smart Health Care
17  Big Data Challenges in Smart Grid IoT (WAMS) Deployment
18  Building Smart Cities Applications using IoT and Cloud-based Architectures
19  RoboSantral: An autonomous mobile guide robot
20  An Internet of things approach for motion detection using Raspberry Pi
21  Monitoring and controlling of smart equipments using Android compatible devices towards IoT applications and services in manufacturing industry
22  Computer vision based vehicle detection for toll collection system using embedded Linux
23  EURIDICE — IoT applied to logistics using the Intelligent Cargo concept
24  Web based automatic irrigation system using wireless sensor network and embedded Linux board
25  Design and development of sensor-based mini projects for embedded system laboratory using ARM Cortex-M3(LPC1768)
26  Pibot: The raspberry pi controlled multi-environment robot for surveillance & live streaming
27  Enabling reliable and secure IoT-based smart city applications
28  A CAN protocol based embedded system to avoid rear-end collision of vehicles
29  Design of a home multi-robot system for the elderly and disabled
30  An intervention study on automated lighting control to save energy in open space offices
31  Computer vision based vehicle detection for toll collection system using embedded Linux
32  Design and implementation of automated blood bank using embedded systems
33  Web based automatic irrigation system using wireless sensor network and embedded Linux board
34  Smart drip irrigation system using raspberry pi and arduino
35  A smart system connecting e-health sensors and the cloud
36  The real time monitoring of water quality in IoT environment
37  Design and management of an intelligent parking lot system by multiple camera platforms
38  Real time vehicle monitoring and tracking system based on embedded Linux board and android application
39  Raspberry PI based global industrial process monitoring through wireless communication
40  A low cost smart irrigation control system
41  The real time monitoring of water quality in IoT environment
42  Raspberry Pi for Automation of Water Treatment Plant
43  Design and operation of Wi-Fi agribot integrated system
44  Acquisition and management of biomedical data using Internet of Things concepts
45  Agricultural Drought Data Acquisition and Transmission System Based on Internet of Things
46  The Glasgow Raspberry Pi Cloud: A Scale Model for Cloud Computing Infrastructures
47  Raspberry Pi based Interactive Home Automation System through E-mail
48  A Cloud Network-based Power Management Technology for Smart Home Systems
49  Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module
50  Application of Data Acquisition System for Superconducting Quantum Interface Devices (SQUID) at Remote Location
51  Implementation of a Web of Things based Smart Grid to remotely monitor and control Renewable Energy Sources
52  Surveillance System with Light Sensor
53  Application of RFID Technology and the Maximum Spanning Tree Algorithm for Solving Vehicle Emissions in Cities on Internet of Things
54  A survey of Internet-of-Things: Future Vision Architecture, Challenges and Services
55  Application of data acquisition system for Superconducting Quantum Interface Devices (SQUID) at remote location
56  Implementation of a Web of Things based Smart Grid to remotely monitor and control Renewable Energy Sources
57  Internet of vehicles: From intelligent grid to autonomous cars and vehicular clouds
58  Design and development of a networked health monitoring and control system
59  Wind speed measurement and alert system for tunnel fire safety
60  User Interactive and Assistive Fleet Management and Eco-Driving System
61  Multi-channel data acquisition and data logging for Green House application
62  Low cost internet based wireless sensor network for air pollution monitoring using Zigbee module
63  BIO-monitoring system with conductive textile electrodes integrated into t-shirt
64  Implementation of a remote data logging system
65  Acquisition and elaboration of cardiac signal in android Smartphone devices
66  Plantation Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things
67  Design of on-line Interactive Data Acquisition and Control System for embedded real time applications
68  IOT Gateway: BridgingWireless Sensor Networks into Internet of Things
69  Intelligent Early-Warning System for Landslides Based on the ZigBee Network
70  Gateway: BridgingWireless Sensor Networks into Internet of Things
71  Design and implementation of vehicle tracking system using GPS/GSM/GPRS technology and smartphone application
72  An intelligent target localization in wireless sensor networks
73  Design aspects for a reference M2M communication platform for Smart Cities
74  Smart Lighting Solutions for Smart Cities
75  Utilizing M2M Technologies for Building Reliable SmartCities
76  Implementation of a Web of Things based Smart Grid to remotely monitor and control Renewable Energy Sources
77  A multi-parameter signal monitoring system based onCortex-M3
78  Design of the wireless monitoring system of solar lamps based on ZigBee and GPRS
79  Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module
80  Research of real-time agriculture information collection system base on mobile GIS
81  Mobile data acquisition towards contextual risk assessment for better disease management in diabetes
82  An adaptable and extensible mobile sensing framework for patient monitoring
83  Ubiquitous Data Accessing Method in IoT-Based Information System for Emergency Medical Services
84  Research of Architecture and Application of Internetof Things for Smart Grid
85  Vehicle Data Acquisition and Telemetry
86  Design of a dielectrophoresis-based portable device for monitoring pollution in water deposits
87  Smart vehicle connectivity for safety applications
88  Application of RFID technology and the maximum spanning tree algorithm for solving vehicle emissions in cities on Internet of Things
89  An App for Promoting Health and Local Tourism
90  Anti-theft application for android based devices
91  A survey of Internet-of-Things: Future vision, architecture, challenges and services
92  Solid Waste Management Architecture Using Wireless Sensor Network Technology
93  SVASTHA: An effective solid waste management system for Thiruvalla Municipality in Android OS
94  Design and implementation of vehicle tracking system using GPS/GSM/GPRS technology and smartphone application
95  Controlling electric vehicle charging in the smart grid
96  GSM Technology Based Patient Monitoring System
97  Implementation of CDMA Technology System by Using VHDL Language
98  GSM Technology Based Wireless Complete Body Scanning System by Using RF
99  Mobile Communication based Home Automation Security System
100  Monitoring of Traffic Light Lamp Blow System Done in Singapore
101  Railway Track Pedestrian Crossing System without Using Staircase
102  RFID Technology Based Industrial Warehouse Management System
103  Digital Image Processing Technology Based Implementation of Bird Detection Algorithm
104  Monitoring of Fully Centralized and Automatic Transport System
105  Implementation and Comparative Analysis of Arma, Armax, Grey and Adaptive Grey Prediction Technique for Time Series Data
106  Digital Image Processing Based Intelligent Traffic Light Control System
107  AT89S8252 Microcontroller Based Automatic School and College Bell System
108  AT89C2051 Based Multi pattern Running LED Lights
109  Time Attendance and Access Control System by Using Thumb Scanning Verification Technique
110  8051 Microcontroller based Drunken Driving Avoid System for Automobiles
111  CAN Protocol Based Allocated Management System
112  Password Based Access Control System by Using Motorized Gate Buzzer and LCD Displays
113  Personal Computer Based Interactive Voice Response System for Electronic Objection Record System
114  Controlling of Electronic Elevator by Using Voice Announcement, Speed Control and Mini Lift Model Systems
115  Implementation of Drip Irrigation System by Using Embedded System Applications
116  Digital Photo Frame with Automatic Position and View Adjustment System by Using MEMS Accelerometer
117  Wireless Library Book Catalog System by Using Touchscreen Technology and 8051 Microcontroller
118  GPS Technology Based Office Cab Monitoring and Controlling System
119  Dam Water Gate Controlling System with High Level Protection by Using DTMF Controlled Mobile Phone
120  Single Door Bi-directional Counter Based Automatic Room Light Switcher
121  Automatic Liquid Dispensing System Used in Tea and Soft Drink Vending Machine by Using 8051 Microcontroller
122  Graphical LCD and GPS Based Implementation of Location Advertisement System
123  GSM Sensor Based Accident Information System by Using GPS Technology
124  Monitoring and Controlling of Temperature Humidity Network by Using Raspberry Pi Board
125  Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle by Using Arduino Uno Microcontroller
126  PIC16F84A Microcontroller Based Telephone Operated remote Control System
127  PIC Microcontroller Based Controlling of Persona Computer Using TV Remote as a Electronic Mouse
128  Energy Conversation system for Corporate Computers and Lighting Systems Using PIR Sensors
129  Earth Quake Detection Social Network Broad System by Using Arduino Board
130  PIC Microcontroller Based Authentication and Controlling System by Using RFID Technology
131  Doppler Radar Effect Interfaced with ATMEGA16 Microcontroller for Accident Detection and Avoidance System
132  PIC Microcontroller Based Synchronized Traffic Signals at Various Junctions
133  I-Button Technology Based Paperless E-Cash Management System
134  RFID Technology and STEREO Vision Based Human Face Recognition System
135  Implementation of CAN Bus in Autonomous Terrain Vehicle
136  Remote Operated Home Appliances Switching by Using Android Mobile Application
137  Remote Speed Control of Direct Current Motor by Android Application
138  Remote Alignment of Three Dimensional Dish Positioning by Android Application
139  Remote Active Current Power Control by Android Application with LCD Display
140  Android Application Based Railway Level Gate Operation Remotely
141  Remotely Programmable Sequential Load Process by Using Android Application
142  PIC Microcontroller Based Vehicle Theft Intimation to the Owner on His Cellphone by Using GSM Technology
143  GSM Technology Based Monthly Energy Billing System and SMS on GSM with User Programmable Number Features together with Onsite Display to the User
144  Radio Frequency Technology Based Secret Code Enabled Secure Communication
145  Smart Card Based Security Access Control System
146  Wireless Message Communication System between Two Personal Computers
147  Remote Monitoring of 3 Parameters on Transformer/Generator Health with Voice Announcement and Wireless Personal Computer Interface by Using XBEE Module
148  Infrared Communication Based Wireless Electrical Device Control System
149  GSM Communication Based Petrol Bunk Automation with Prepaid Card System
150  ARM Based Environment Monitoring and Device Controlling by Using Embedded Controlled Sensor Network
151  Wireless Relay Control and Power Monitoring System by Using Zigbee Communication Technology
152  Locomotion Arrangement Recognition and Personal Locating Towards Improved Context Awareness Applications by Using Electromyography Technique
153  Single Chip Microcontroller Based Wireless Real-time LED Display Control System
154  Zigbee Technology Based Two-Way Wireless Data Message System for Rural Areas
155  Zigbee Technology Based Wireless Surveillance and Safety System for Mine Workers
156  Zigbee, GSM and TCP/IP Protocol Based Design of Household Control System
157  Wireless Digital Control and Monitoring System for Light Emitting Diode Lighting Based on AVR Microcontrollerand Zigbee Module
158  Zigbee Communication Technology Based Communication Development Interface of AC Charging for Charging Station
159  Implementation and Designing of Embedded Systems by Using Dual Horn with Wireless Technology
160  RF Communication Based Wireless Electrical Apparatus Controlling System
161  Wireless Sensor Network Based Flood Monitoring of Distribution Substation
162  Attendance System for Institutions and Two Way Circular System by Using Zigbee Tree Topology Network
163  RF Technology Based Wireless Electronic Notice Board with Multi Point Receivers
164  ARM Controller Based Automatic Power Meter with Zigbee Wireless Communication
165  Wireless Fidelity Network Based Industrial Automation System
166  Wireless Language Translator in Airlines by Using Touch Screens with Zigbee Module
167  Access Control System without Inbuilt System by Using Bluetooth Device
168  Zigbee Network of Devices and Sensors Based High Efficiency Remote Control System and Intelligent Street Lighting System
169  Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality by Support of Wireless Sensor Network Prototypes
170  Zigbee and GPRS Based Design of the Wireless Monitoring System of Solar LED Lamps

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