Embedded Internet of Things IOT Projects for Engineering Students

Intelligent Cargo concept for logistics using Internet of Things (IOT)

Project title – Intelligent Cargo concept for logistics using Internet of Things

IEEE Paper – EURIDICE — IoT applied to logistics using the Intelligent Cargo concept

Abstract- In an interconnected world, the need to exchange information across domain’s boundaries is increasingly common, the concern is rapidly moving towards defining the content that needs to be consumed by numerous and different actors using different platforms and/or software solutions, since the internal processes have been consolidated and optimized. The transport logistics sector is no exception, the main issue in this domain is for ICT applications that allow to tag, monitor and transmit information about the freight along the whole transport chain, thus guaranteeing an efficient communication among the supply chain actors for a prompt intervention and resolution in case of problems and in general to increase the transport efficiency. The paper will present the technical aspects of the solutions developed within the EURIDICE project and will link them to the concrete in-field applications that make the platform a great innovation and a step towards the realization of the Future Internet.

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